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The DVT-PRO is a specialized sequential compression therapy device that augments deep venous blood flow to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Applying pneumatic compression to the calf and/or foot enhances blood flow, reduces venous stasis, increases venous velocity and enhances fibrinolytic activity, the body's natural process for breaking-down clots. IPC produces sheer stress within the veins to induce a biologically medicated vasodilatory effect.

  • Superior 3 Chamber Gradient Asymmetric Compression

  • Easy to apply ERGO Fit Velcro Tabs-3 (calf cuff)

  • Breathable & Moisture-Wicking Material

  • Auto Cuff Recognition - Choice of Calf, Foot or Combination

    • Identifies the type of cuff​

    • Recognizes uni-/bi- Lateral Configuration

  • Ultra Quiet and Vibration Free​

Part List

Part Number


Product Name

PlasmaFlow, Universal (2) or (2 Calf Cuffs)


PlasmaFlow, Extenders (2)


PlasmaFlow, Charger


PlasmaFlow Hospital Grade Charger

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